For Online registration on NanoIsrael 2019


  • Abstract Submission for Poster Presentation Deadline has been extended to: November 22, 2015


  • Selection Notification Confirmation: by December 22, 2015





You are invited to submit an abstract to be reviewed for poster presentation at NanoIsrael 2016.





  1. Prior to starting the abstract submission process, you should download the official template to be found in the on-line system and insert the text for your abstract. Complete the abstract and save it to your computer. The abstract will now be ready for upload to the submission system.
  2. Official confirmation of abstract submission will be emailed to all final submitted abstracts. If you have not received this confirmation then the abstract submission process is not yet complete and your abstract will not be sent for review.
  3. The abstract title should be the topic discussed in the abstract and not the Company name.
  4. To final submit/publish your abstract please use the following link login, select your open abstract,  click on the Summary tab at the top right of the page. If all information is correct, click the Publish button to be found on the bottom left of the Summary tab. 
  5. Please save your document as a doc.file and NOT a dox.file.
  6. Abstract submissions are limited is 320 words with a minimum of 130 words.
  7. Abstract submitter are requested to assign up to four key words of the list or suggest a new key word to be approved. (If nano-related industry, please include this key word)
  8. Poster presenters are requested to choose one category in the list.
  9. Uncommon abbreviations must be defined on first use. 
  10. Images, tables, diagrams and graphs should be JPG files. Images reduce the number of words allowed in your abstract text. Once the uploading and inserting of images into the abstract body is complete, the reduced number of words for abstract text will be advised. 
  11. In cases of genuine difficulties with uploading on the website, please contact the Organizer:



  • Presenting authors of abstracts must be registered participants.
    Registration details and payment must be received by December 31, 2015 to ensure inclusion of the abstract in conference publications and in order to be scheduled for presentation.
  • Abstracts must be submitted via the official online submission system and must be written in clear English with accurate grammar and spelling with quality suitable for publication.
  • Abstracts must be SUBMITTED before the deadline in order to be sent for review.
  • Presentation slots are limited and not all abstracts submitted can be included.
  • Submission of an abstract acknowledges your acceptance for the abstract to be published in all official conference publications and that you agree to such publication and to surrender any copyright over the abstract as submitted to NanoIsrael 2016.
  • Abstracts submitted by mail or fax will not be accepted.