For Online registration on NanoIsrael 2019

The partnering event is aimed at supporting the NanoIsrael2016 participants in creating fruitful connections and providing a convenient platform for networking. The event is organized by the Israel-Europe R&D Directorate (ISERD) in co-operation with Enterprise Europe Network (EEN).


To utilize this service you need to register your academic / company profile ASAP  – then you’d be able to request meetings with other companies and researchers, and vice versa – all ahead of time. The system will set up the meetings for you automatically. Before the conference you will get your own personal meetings schedule.


The service is provided FREE of charge to all NanoIsrael2016 attendees. Please note that you need to have already registered to NanoIsrael2016  in order to enter the meetings.


NOTE: You need to register as a new user in this system, even if you already registered to the NanoIsrael2016 conference!